Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great Fellowship With Some Special Leaders!

Today I had a wonderful meeting with key leaders from Berean. It was a special time of praise, prayer, fellowship, and sharing from the Word.  We are all so encouraged by the presence of God in our midst and what He is doing among us! Praise the Lord! 

I am excited to see how the Lord will lead us in the days ahead. Please keep me in your prayers as I recover and heal from this accident. God is on the throne. His ways are good and His mercy is everlasting. I have nothing but praise and thanksgiving for the Lord's goodness to me. During these days He has drawn near and been pouring out His Spirit upon me. I am finishing up the new book on "The Foundations of Godly Living."  This is something the Lord has laid on my heart and I am praying it will be a blessing to all of our Berean Family.

Here is a copy of the contents that this book will cover:

Table Of Contents:

1. Having A Correct View Of God- Theology

2. Living For The Glory Of God- Doxology

3. Holding A Biblical View Of The New Testament Church-

4. Being Covered By The Righteousness Of Christ-

5. Being Committed To The Lordship Of Christ- Christology

6. Living In The Spirit Of Prayer- Theology

7. Practicing The Presence Of Christ- Christology

8. Maintaining A Clear Conscience- Theology

9. Being Filled with the Holy Spirit- Pneumatology

10. Having A Positive View Of History- Eschatology


To God alone be all the glory!

Love in Christ, 

Pastor Dickie

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