Thursday, July 28, 2011

George Washington on choosing your friends

“Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation, for ‘tis better to be alone than in bad company.” George Washington

The Bible reminds us that bad company corrupts good morals. When people choose to associate with people of questionable ethics, character, and morality it will be a short while until they themselves lose their ability to be objective and discerning of good character and integrity. The pernicious influence of ungodly friedships slowly erodes the foundations of good judgement. Choose your friends wisely. Be a lover of good men. Better to walk alone than be corrupted by those whose values reflect the flesh rather than the Spirit. This is wise counsel for all of our youth who are heading to the university this fall.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Carnal Christian

"Many who regularly occupy church pews, fill church rolls, and are intellectually acquainted with the facts of the gospel never strike one blow for Christ. They seem to be at peace with his enemies. They have no quarrel with sin and, apart from a few sentimental expressions about Christ, there is no biblical evidence that they have experienced anything of the power of the gospel in their lives. Yet in spite of the evidence against them, they consider themselves to be just what their teachers teach them -- that they are 'Carnal Christians'. And as carnal Christians they believe they will go to heaven, though perhaps not first-class, and with few rewards."

This is a quote by Earnest Reisinger a Reformed Baptist. His comments ring true for far too many today who claim to be the followers of Christ. Those who belong to the Lord will have real and abiding fruit to give evidence of the Spirit's work in their lives.

If a person is content to be a carnal, lukewarm, indifferent Christian he may find in the day of judgement that he is no Christian at all.

I have known professing Christians who were masters of deception and manipulation. They could lie without conscience, deceive without blinking an eye, were able to quote Scripture to suit their purposes, and could put on the robes of an angel.

The Church of Jesus Christ should not be surprised that there are those in her midst that have such powers to mislead. Satan himself can transform himself into an angel of light.

What the church needs today is for wise and godly leaders who have wisdom to see through the phoniness of false prophets and wolves in sheep's clothing.

Dear Berean family beware of the carnal Christian!!!