Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Word of Thanks To My Berean Family

"James Haldane went to Morocco and after years he became a scholar of the Koran and of Arabic languages and dialects. For 39 years he visited a thousand villages and evangelised them thoroughly, and when he got back to the UK how many converts did he know as the fruit of his ministry? Not one. What a godly man he was who had seen the massiveness of the gospel. Isaiah humbly asks, 'Lord how long?' 'Until there is "the holy seed which will be a stump in the land.'" 

Would we view this man a successful evangelist or missionary? By today's standards many would not. James Haldane was not a man given to manufacturing cheap grace converts. He was thoroughly Reformed and passionate in his love for the gospel of grace. While many might have considered him a failure he will stand out in the last day as one of the great servants of God. May we not forget that some plant and some water but it is God who gives the increase. 

If we would be faithful in the work of the Lord we must  do His work in His way and leave the results to the Lord of the harvest. If we take short cuts to success we may find that in the end we have done nothing more than create tares among the wheat.

When I hear someone give a testimony I listen very carefully as to who is given credit for the work of grace in the soul. Is there anything that would suggest that the mighty God of the universe has indeed changed the heart and filled the soul with everlasting praise? I also look to see if the life of the one testifying measures up in any way to what they are saying.

If you really want to know what a true Christian looks like just read Psalm 119.  This Psalm says it all.

Thank you my dear Berean family for your love and prayers at this time.

Yours in Christ, 

Pastor Dickie

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