Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Online Sermon & Online Calendar Companion

We at Berean Baptist Church have used two wonderful tools in our ministry. These tools are Online Sermon and Online Calendar Companion. Sermon Companion allows us to upload our weekly messages online and enables us to catalogue them by speaker, topic, date, or series. We also use Sermon Companion on our website for Emmaus Road Academy. Calendar Companion allows us to manage our activities and upcoming events. One unique feature with Calendar Companion is the ability to notify people by email of upcoming events. These are two wonderful tools that will greatly enhance any website and Christian Ministry and they have been a blessing to our congregation here at Berean Baptist Church.

Listen to our sermons and follow our events here:

Berean's Online Sermons

Berean's Online Calendar

I want to encourage all of our brothers and sisters at Berean to utilize these tools in their interaction here at Church and with our Academy. I want to challenge all of you to listen to the weekly messages if you have been shut in, away traveling, or not able to attend our services for any other reason. I am greatly encouraged that because of Sermon Companion many people around the world in Europe, South America, and Africa are listening to our weekly messages! Praise the Lord!

Sincerely, Pastor Dickie