Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why I Believe Jesus Is The Son Of God

This is the next video clip on the giving five reasons why I believe Jesus is the Son of God. These reasons I have used to minister and to encourage believers, especially new converts or babes in Christ. I trust this will be a blessing to your soul. I have one more clip to share and then I will be bringing Pastor Bill in to share with us how to reason with an unbeliever from the use of presuppositional apologetics.

Be watching for these coming videos. I believe they will be a great blessing to your heart. 

I also want the Berean family to know that I am going to lay low for a few weeks since I had a minor surgery this week and my doctor is concerned that I get some rest. Your prayers are much appreciated at this time. 

God bless you all,
Pastor Dickie

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why I Believe The Bible Is The Word Of God

This is the second message in this series of apologetics. I am sharing five reasons why I believe the Bible is the Word of God, five reasons why I believe Jesus is the Son of God, and five reasons why I believe that God exists. These reasons that I am sharing won't convince an unbeliever to become a follower of Christ. The Scriptures make it clear that a person who is lost needs to be born again. These reasons are really intended for the child of God to encourage them in their faith. Once I share with you these bullet points of faith and belief I will be posting some talks by Pastor Bill Tipton on presuppositional apologetics. 

We are moving into the Thanksgiving season and Christmas is coming after that. Please be praying for our services and plan on worshipping with us during the holidays. 

If you are planning on doing any traveling during the holidays please take care and come back to us safely. God bless you all,

In Christ, 

Pastor Dickie

Friday, November 16, 2012


This past weekend we had a visit with Chuck Bentley from Crown Financial Ministries. His message to our church on Sunday was based on Matthew 6:33 where we are challenged by the Lord to seek first God's kingdom. This message from Chuck was a powerful reminder of what our Christian life should be about. How refreshing was his emphasis on seeking to live life for the glory of God. If you have not listened to this message please click on the link below and I am sure you will be as blessed as I was listening to this wonderful servant of God. This message from Chuck Bentley was used by the Lord to speak to many of our Berean family. I heard testimony after testimony of how blessed and encouraged people were by his presence among us and by the words from Scripture that he shared with us. This was indeed a word in season for  our flock. Thank you Chuck for being with us last weekend.

I will resume my videos on apologetics this coming week. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Dickie

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Vanishing Of The American Conscience

The Vanishing Of The American Conscience

We are witnessing the demise and disappearance of the moral soul of our nation.

This election reveals the lack of character and understanding of moral principles. We are eyewitnesses to the slow death of the nation of moral values that our parents and our parents before them knew.

I never dreamed that in my life time I would live to see that the moral values taught by the Judeo-Christian world-view would be vanishing before our eyes. Here are the grim facts:

1.    We have a nation embracing abortion on demand. (Call it what you will, it is murder.)
2.    We have a nation that is rejecting the biblical teaching on marriage and is embracing sodomy. (A sitting president and his wife have publicly voiced their approval of same sex marriage.)
3.    We have a nation that is reckless in deficit spending and making certain that our children and our children’s children will inherit a massive debt that will certainly lead to the unraveling of our republic. President Obama, when running for his first term for president called the idea of deficit spending immoral. (What happened to that so-called conviction?)
4.    We have a nation that is taxing its citizens in an unjust and unbiblical fashion. The mantra that “Everyone should pay their fare share and play by the same rules” is contradictory. Who determines what is the fare share? Who is the man, the panel, and the group who makes such a decision? On what authority do they say this? And once you determine to tax the upper income earners at the expense of the middle class you are certainly not playing by the same rules, and you are making sure that there will be internal division in the country. Biblical principles teach us that taxes should be no higher than 10%. In a just society every person would pay the same percentage and the upper income earners would pay a greater volume. We are a nation that is taxing its citizens at an ever alarming rate that will surely lead to our destruction.
5.     Is the best way to help our needy neighbors to create an entitlement society? Just study the American Indians who have been the poster children for an entitlement group. The nation is heading towards the precipice that nations like Greece and Spain fell off. There is a better way to helping the needy than creating class divisions by entitlements.

We may never be able to recover from the decisions that are being made today by our voting and by our reckless government.

That so many people who profess to be Christians could ignore the teachings of the Bible and support causes and policies that are forbidden and condemned by the Word of God is beyond my belief. Do those who do this think that they can escape the day of accountability before God? I have been preaching the Word of God for 47 years. It is shocking and shameful to think that those who should be loyal followers of the Son of God would make their allegiance with those who call evil good and good evil.

To my Berean family, I cannot tell you how grieved I am for our nation. And how deeply saddened I am that we are witnessing the vanishing of the moral conscience of our country.

I will be speaking at our mid-week service tonight. I will be pointing our people to Psalm 90. In spite of what we are seeing this evening, let us remember that, “From everlasting to everlasting You are God.” The Lord has been our dwelling place and He alone is our comfort and hope.

This Sunday we will have Chuck Bentley with us from Crown Financial Ministries. His message will be more relevant now than ever. Please plan to attend and bring a guest.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Dickie

Defending The Faith

I will be posting a series of videos that will enable you to defend your faith and, I trust, be a comfort to your heart. Over the years I have shared with fellow believers 5 reasons why I believe in God, 5 reasons why I believe the Bible is the Word of God, and 5 reasons why I believe Jesus is the Son of God. These simple statements of faith and explanations are designed for believers to be a comfort to then in the heat of debate and vicious attack against their faith. 

 I know that evidences cannot argue an unbeliever into the kingdom God. It is necessary for a believer to reason from the basis of presuppositions to destroy the house of cards of unbelief that non-Christians hold. After I finish sharing these reasons that I hold dear for my faith I intend to interview Pastor Bill Tipton who is an expert in the field of apologetics. I have been with Bill on many occasions to witness first hand his amazing gift of dealing with the subject of unbelief. You will want to listen to all of these videos. I am confident you will not only be greatly encouraged spiritually but you will also be instructed in the proper method of confronting unbelief.

May the Lord bless us as we live out our faith and defend the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In Christ, 

Pastor Dickie

Friday, November 2, 2012

Chuck Bentley Will Be At Berean November 11th

I am very excited to have Chuck Bentley, Crown Financial CEO, with us at Berean on November, 11th. In this video on my blog I am sharing some thoughts that Chuck shares in his book The Root of Riches. This is a book that puts in proper biblical perspective the concepts of money, riches, and what true success really is. I would ask our Berean family to pray much for this special day and to bring as many guests they can to hear this wonderful servant of the Lord.

God bless you all!

In Christ, 

Pastor Dickie

Chuck Bentley Will Be Speaking At Berean In November

In two weeks we will have Chuck Bentley from Crown Financial Ministries with us at Berean. Chuck is the CEO of Crown. We are very privileged to have this wonderful man of God with us for our Sunday service. I will be putting a video on my blog sharing some reasons why I believe that Chuck is being used so wonderfully by the Lord in these days. Please check back soon to see the video that I will be posting here in a few days.

Chuck's book The Root Of Riches is one of the finest books on wealth and financial success that I have ever read. It puts the whole concept of money, wealth, and riches into a biblical perspective that is refreshing and challenging. 

On the back of his book he says, "Most of us believe that the more we have the richer we become. This is an age-old assumption considered as true as the law of gravity. Thousands of books have offered steps, formulas, makeovers, investment guides, motivational stories and philosophies to set the non-rich on the sure road to riches. But is there more to becoming rich than the accumulation of money? Chuck's personal testimony is that true riches and true happiness does not come from things but from a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please make this meeting with Chuck Bentley at Berean a matter of prayer.

In Christ, 

Pastor Dickie