Sunday, May 6, 2012

Preparing for my journey to England, Scotland and Wales

Dear Berean Family,

I did this video before I left home for my journey to Scotland. I wanted to share this with you while I was away with the prayer that it would be an encouragement to our church family. We have so many things to praise the Lord for. This prayer that I will read from Paul's letter to the church at Ephesus speaks directly to the needs of the Lord's people at all times. I trust that this finds each of you enjoying the blessings and the presence of the Lord in your lives.

Please keep Mary and me in your prayers that the Lord will use us to be a blessing to everyone we meet. We have been so blessed to meet so many wonderful Christians here in Scotland. It was here that the great Reformation in Europe was given strength to spread throughout the British Isles and eventually to the colonies in America. The Calvinism here is close to the roots of the origin of this great movement that we all know as the Reformation. The people in Scotland, who love the doctrines of grace, are known for being a God-fearing people. This is what separates their Calvinistic faith from so many others who only use the doctrines of grace to debate and to win arguments. Calvinism is a Christian worldview that touches every area of our lives. When people truly know the doctrines of grace they will be a God-fearing people who walk in the Spirit, who are filled with the Spirit, and who are known as a holy and gracious people. Many years ago one of the early leaders of the rebirth of Calvinism in America, Dr. Victor Barnard, told me that there are many who know the doctrines of grace but don't know the grace of the doctrines. I have never forgotten that statement.

We are presently staying with a wonderful Scottish family in the highlands on the Isle of Skye. This remote area is one of the most beautiful places that I have even seen in all of my journeys. But what makes this place so special is the deep love that these dear people have for our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ.

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