Friday, May 11, 2012

Interview with David Malam

Dear Berean Family,

This is a brief interview with a dear friend of mine from London, England, David Malam. David is a deacon in a church in Hampton. I have known David for many years and he has been over to visit with Mary and me a number of times. In this interview David shares with us some of the great concerns about the situation in Great Britain. There are very few young men entering into the Christian ministry in England today. This is a great concern. We need to pray for the church in the British Isles that the Lord of the harvest will raise up many to proclaim the good news of Calvary Love!

I am very pleased that we have people like Eric Stewart and many other young men around the country who have heard the call of God to take the precious gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the earth. I can recall the moment when God's grace came to me in a locker room in Saginaw, Michigan and the Lord changed my heart forever. That was a track meet where I was running for Pontiac Central High School. I am forever grateful for the grace of God that came to me, an unworthy sinner. I am forever grateful and thankful to the Lord for His grace.

Mary and I have returned from Scotland to Cardiff, Wales, with Dewi and Mari. I will be speaking once tomorrow and three times on Sunday at their church. Please keep me in prayer as we minister to the dear brothers and sisters in the Tabernacle at Cardiff.

Recently, on this trip, I have been meditating on Romans chapter 12. In this chapter the apostle is answering the question, "How do we respond to the gospel." There are three things to consider in this chapter.

1. Present your bodies unto the Lord, 1-2.
2. Participate in the body of Christ by using your spiritual gifts, 3-8.
3. Practice personal godliness, 9-21.

Let me encourage you to take special notice of verses 9, 10, 16, and 18. You will see that there is a great emphasis placed on relating with our fellow believers. We should love them, be kind to them, in honor preferring other before ourselves, be of the same mind with one another (strive for unity), and if at all possible is to be at peace with each other.  True godliness involves loving the brethren and working hard to protect the love and unity of the body of Christ. This is the duty of all believers. May the Lord bless us as we obey Paul's exhortations in Romans chapter 12. 

Be watching my blog for I will be putting up some more interviews.

God bless you all,

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