Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Vanishing Of The American Conscience

The Vanishing Of The American Conscience

We are witnessing the demise and disappearance of the moral soul of our nation.

This election reveals the lack of character and understanding of moral principles. We are eyewitnesses to the slow death of the nation of moral values that our parents and our parents before them knew.

I never dreamed that in my life time I would live to see that the moral values taught by the Judeo-Christian world-view would be vanishing before our eyes. Here are the grim facts:

1.    We have a nation embracing abortion on demand. (Call it what you will, it is murder.)
2.    We have a nation that is rejecting the biblical teaching on marriage and is embracing sodomy. (A sitting president and his wife have publicly voiced their approval of same sex marriage.)
3.    We have a nation that is reckless in deficit spending and making certain that our children and our children’s children will inherit a massive debt that will certainly lead to the unraveling of our republic. President Obama, when running for his first term for president called the idea of deficit spending immoral. (What happened to that so-called conviction?)
4.    We have a nation that is taxing its citizens in an unjust and unbiblical fashion. The mantra that “Everyone should pay their fare share and play by the same rules” is contradictory. Who determines what is the fare share? Who is the man, the panel, and the group who makes such a decision? On what authority do they say this? And once you determine to tax the upper income earners at the expense of the middle class you are certainly not playing by the same rules, and you are making sure that there will be internal division in the country. Biblical principles teach us that taxes should be no higher than 10%. In a just society every person would pay the same percentage and the upper income earners would pay a greater volume. We are a nation that is taxing its citizens at an ever alarming rate that will surely lead to our destruction.
5.     Is the best way to help our needy neighbors to create an entitlement society? Just study the American Indians who have been the poster children for an entitlement group. The nation is heading towards the precipice that nations like Greece and Spain fell off. There is a better way to helping the needy than creating class divisions by entitlements.

We may never be able to recover from the decisions that are being made today by our voting and by our reckless government.

That so many people who profess to be Christians could ignore the teachings of the Bible and support causes and policies that are forbidden and condemned by the Word of God is beyond my belief. Do those who do this think that they can escape the day of accountability before God? I have been preaching the Word of God for 47 years. It is shocking and shameful to think that those who should be loyal followers of the Son of God would make their allegiance with those who call evil good and good evil.

To my Berean family, I cannot tell you how grieved I am for our nation. And how deeply saddened I am that we are witnessing the vanishing of the moral conscience of our country.

I will be speaking at our mid-week service tonight. I will be pointing our people to Psalm 90. In spite of what we are seeing this evening, let us remember that, “From everlasting to everlasting You are God.” The Lord has been our dwelling place and He alone is our comfort and hope.

This Sunday we will have Chuck Bentley with us from Crown Financial Ministries. His message will be more relevant now than ever. Please plan to attend and bring a guest.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Dickie


Matt said...

My only consolation is knowing there's men and women out there like the members at Berean.

Unfortunately for my outlook though, there's also men and women like us at Berean in places like Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and other places, and, well, those places aren't exactly free.

Cory said...

Pastor - thank you for pointing out what so many others have been missing for years now. I'm very disappointed in our country as a whole today, but am finding encouragement in our Lord. I know trusting in God and His sovereign plan is enough. But I'm finding it continually frustrating that that we can't find a national leader who will draw a hard line and stand up for biblical principles. Also, I pray that as Americans, we will exercise our responsibility to vote in a biblical way in the future (if we have a chance to vote in the future...).