Friday, November 2, 2012

Chuck Bentley Will Be Speaking At Berean In November

In two weeks we will have Chuck Bentley from Crown Financial Ministries with us at Berean. Chuck is the CEO of Crown. We are very privileged to have this wonderful man of God with us for our Sunday service. I will be putting a video on my blog sharing some reasons why I believe that Chuck is being used so wonderfully by the Lord in these days. Please check back soon to see the video that I will be posting here in a few days.

Chuck's book The Root Of Riches is one of the finest books on wealth and financial success that I have ever read. It puts the whole concept of money, wealth, and riches into a biblical perspective that is refreshing and challenging. 

On the back of his book he says, "Most of us believe that the more we have the richer we become. This is an age-old assumption considered as true as the law of gravity. Thousands of books have offered steps, formulas, makeovers, investment guides, motivational stories and philosophies to set the non-rich on the sure road to riches. But is there more to becoming rich than the accumulation of money? Chuck's personal testimony is that true riches and true happiness does not come from things but from a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please make this meeting with Chuck Bentley at Berean a matter of prayer.

In Christ, 

Pastor Dickie 

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