Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Third Interview With Ronald Kalifungwa

This is my third and final interview with Ronald Kalifungwa from Zambia, Africa. He is a dear brother in Christ who has stood firm for the Lord on worship, doctrine, and evangelism. The preaching ministry of this dear brother was such a blessing to all of our hearts. We are working now on putting his messages into print so they can be read by many others as well. If you have not heard his messages you can access them at

Please keep me in prayer as I travel to England and Wales to preach the gospel. Pastor Bill Tipton, Tim Marshall, and Rick Wagner are coming as well. Pastor Bill will also be preaching and Tim and Rick will be serving at the conference.

I have three new books coming out that I trust will be a blessing to our Berean family. Predators in the Church, The Emergent Church and the Tangible Kingdom, and The Problems With Atheism. The Constantinople Papers (the case against Islam) is also available.

The book on the Emergent Church was greatly helped by a number of books and interviews I read and had with other pastors. A number of pastors who have written on the Emergent/Emerging Church were a great help to me and an encouragement to understand the confusion and heresies embedded in this movement. 

While I'm away in July Pastor Eric Maynard and elder Craig Carlton will be handling the Sunday Services. I will be praying for the Berean Family while I'm away. May the Lord bless you all. 

Be sure to read this book on the evidence against Islam. Is Islam a religion of peace? This will help you decide.

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