Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Interview With My Guests From Brasil

Over the years the Lord has allowed me to meet some very wonderful Christians. These dear friends have come from all over the world. One thing that stands out to me about them is that they all have the same deep love and passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. My life has been enriched by these dear friends in the Lord. The body of Christ is a holy temple that is being constructed brick by brick (life by life) and is filled with the glory of the risen Christ. What a magnificent Church the Lord is building!

I have sought, by the grace of God, to be a blessing to these dear friends in return. I am keenly aware that if I have anything to contribute to any of my friends or members of my flock it is only by the grace of God.  One lesson that I learned very early in my ministry is that some of the greatest books I have ever read were the lives of the aged saints both from the past and those still living. The holy life of an aged saint is an open book for the student to read if they have the patience and the wisdom to do so. 

To those of my brothers and sisters, who are growing old in the faith, may you be encouraged to walk with God so that those young disciples coming up behind you will find your life to be an open book to guide them, to bless them, and to be a map to lead them to the unsearchable treasures found in Christ.

Pastor Dickie

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