Saturday, October 19, 2013

Great Days At Berean!

These two videos are the last from my trip to Grand Marais. I praise the Lord for the beauty of His creation and the joys of His gospel. What a privilege to serve the Living God while on earth. I enjoyed the beauty of God's earth while taking a short break with Mary on our 40th wedding anniversary. 

Last night at Berean we had a family night where we watched the film "Monumental" produced by Kirk Cameron. There were plenty of refreshments, great times of fellowship, and many visitors with us for this special night together. The young leaders in our church are a special group of men that are doing a wonderful job helping to mold and shape our church body into a close knit family. I am also so pleased with the wives of these young men who are doing an amazing job, and setting such a good example of hard work, godliness and displaying the love of Christ.

Last Sunday, we honored the workers at Berean. We have so many dedicated people. I would also like to remind our church family of the special group of Senior Saints we have among us. The example and love of this group of wonderful people is a testimony to all of us at Berean! The loyalty, passion, faithfulness, and the sacrifice of  these dear saints to Christ is an inspiration. God bless all of our dear Berean family!!

In the next few months we will be having a number of special guests coming to our church to minister and to serve the Lord with us. In two weeks we have Dewi and Mari Higham arriving. For our men's retreat we have Michael Robinson, author of God Does Exist, coming to be with us. And in the Spring from Africa, Ronald Kalufunga will be coming to minister and to serve the Lord in our midst.

May the Lord continue to bless all of you as you walk daily with the Lord!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Dickie

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