Monday, October 7, 2013

A Biblical Lesson From Grand Marais

Mary and I enjoyed our time at Grand Marais in the Upper Peninsula. We were there for just a few days but the rest was enjoyable and the scenery spectacular. Mary found this red lead and I took a moment to comment on the precious blood of Christ. 

I will be back in the book of James this weekend...Lord willing!! Sometimes providential events keep us from our appointments. I am humbled by the privilege to teach through this book to our Berean family. 

Please by praying for our dear friends from Wales who will be coming over this November to preach the Word of God and to exalt Christ.

I am always grateful for those servants of the Lord who are unwilling to compromise with the spirit of the age in order to draw a crowd or to pander to the flesh of those who are gathering under their ministry. I have been saddened to see people sit under our ministry and then move away and be content to sit under ministries that are diametrically opposite to what they learned here. It only tells me  that many people only came out of convenience and not out of conviction. When biblical principles are burned into our souls by the Holy Spirit we will never be content to worship where the truth is not fearlessly proclaimed, where the gospel of justification is neglected or ignored, where the worship is man centered, and where the pastor has a low view of expository preaching.

Dear God in heaven, visit your vine once again and pour out Your Holy Spirit in showers of blessing.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Dickie

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