Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Last Weekend was such a blessing!

I want to think my friend Baruch Maoz for the wonderful ministry he shared with us this past weekend. We enjoyed such a precious time in the Word. I was not able to be with you all on the weekend but the reports of his message to our deacons and elders was just tremendous. And the message on Sunday was  a powerful word from the Lord. I did not share with Baruch any particular needs in our church and he poured out his heart with truths and timeless principles about worship, church, dress, and commitment that came from the Lord. His comments on worship were timely. I am ashamed at the lack of reverence and trivial drivel that passes for worship and preaching in so many places today. unfortunately there are many who do not see the importance of maintaining biblical worship in the hour in which we live. This is leading to the demise of Christianity in the West.

I was able to be back on Monday and Mary and I spent the day with Baruch and his wife and later in the evening had guests over for more fellowship around the Word. On Tuesday morning we had a pastors fellowship at Berean and a number of ministers came and learned from this dear man of God from Israel. 

I will soon be finished with the Song of Solomon on Wednesday nights. I have a special series of messages on the Psalms I am excited to deliver. After the series on True Salvation I plan to start a series of messages on the book of James to encourage our Berean family to practical holiness and obedience.

May the Lord bless us here at Berean and make us fit vessels for His service.

In Calvary Love,

Pastor Dickie

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