Saturday, September 28, 2013

How Do We Find The Will Of God For Our Lives?

I am convinced that many people today do not know how to discern the will of God for their lives. This subject is addressed in the book of James. In chapter one James tells us how to obtain wisdom from God. Wisdom is something that every believer needs on a daily basis. Just because someone is converted does not mean that he or she is able to discern the will of God for daily decisions or for their future. In this video I am sharing some practical suggestions that may be a help to all of you that want to be sure that your decisions and plans are, in fact, the will of God for your life.

How often do we hear someone say that they are going to do this or that, or have made this decision or that decision, but never make any mention that the Lord has directed them in these decisions. Do we take seriously the subject of God's will? We should be able to say that in every decision we make, and in every plan that we have, we know the will of God. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

I am often surprised to hear the responses that I receive when I ask people how they determined the will of God for some decision that they have made. Quite often the the Lord has little to do with the decisions that many people make. This is tragic. I trust this video will be a help and I trust that my message on James chapter one on finding wisdom from God will be a great help to all of you.

Here are some books on the subject of the will of God that will be a help to you if you have the time to read them.

1.  Decision Making and The Will of God: A Biblical Alternative
     to the Traditional View- Gary Friesen
2.  Found: God's Will- John MacArthur
3.  Just Do Something- Kevin De Young
4.  Can I Know God's Will? R. C. Sproul
5.  Decisions, Decisions- Dave Swavely

God bless,

Pastor Dickie 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastor for this teaching. This has always been a area in my life that I struggled in. Thanks again God bless!!

James Carr