Friday, June 8, 2012

Tea With Vernon Higham

After our trip to Scotland Mary and I returned to Cardiff, Wales. One of the special joys was to have a few opportunities to share a cup of Tea with my dear friend Vernon Higham. This is just an informal time where I asked Vernon a few questions on a number of different topics. As usual whenever you have a chance to listen to Vernon you will sense his gentle spirit and his deep love and devotion to Christ. I trust you enjoy our conversation around a cup of tea.

Our stewardship series continues. I pray that it will have a powerful impact on our church family.This Sunday Pastor Tipton will bring the message. I will bring the next two and then Pastor Eric will bring a message and I will conclude the series. After we finish I will immediately return to our series on the Book of Romans.

God bless you all,
In Christ,
Pastor Dickie


Tami said...

So very sweet. I will always think of Vernon Higham now whenever I go to Frankenmuth! His heart is rich with love for the body of Christ.

Rick Wagner said...

Vernon is such a wonderful man of God! Thanks for making these recordings.