Sunday, April 22, 2012

John Blanchard's visit!

We had a great meeting on Saturday night and again on Sunday morning with Dr. John Blanchard from the UK. The messages were inspiring and and convicting. Over the years we have had so many precious times with some of the choicest servants of the Lord who have been able to be with us at Berean. In this picture from left to right is Craig Carlton, Pastor Dickie John Blanchard and Matt Zimmerman.

In this photo is Howard Williams, John Blanchard and Pastor Dickie

Please keep me in prayer as I prepare for the trip to England, Scotland and Wales with Mary to visit with the Higham's and to minister to the Lord's people in the British Isles. I will be posting some video interviews on my blog in the coming weeks.

While I am away Mary and I will be praying for all of you at Berean. God bless you all,
In Christ, ohn

Pastor Dickie

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