Friday, January 30, 2009

(Jonah calling Ninevah to repentance!)

America Needs To Repent!

With the financial crisis devastating our country, and the new president rolling out a "I hope this works but don't know if it will" economy stimulus plan that will cost tax payers upwards to 800 Billion dollars, it is time for our country to take a hard look at where we are spiritually and consider that maybe some of our problems are related to our spiritual condition.

I believe that faithful pastors everywhere should call this country to repentance. If we, as a nation, would turn from our national sins and the greed and selfishness that is so much a part of the fabric of everyday American life, we would have no problem meeting the financial crisis that we are facing today.

Here are some sobering statistics that reveal the depth of our spiritual problems and the deep sin that has engulfed this nation. Every year Americans spend enormous amounts of money on things that our forefathers would have called vice, sin, and wasteful habits.

1. 286 billion dollars a year is spent on gambling in America.

2. 100 billion dollars a year is spent on illegal drugs in America.

3. 29 billion dollars a year is spent on fighting illegal drugs in America.

4. 22 billion dollars a year is spent on welfare benefits for illegal aliens in America.

5. 79 billion dollars a year is spent on cigarettes in America.

6. 30 billion dollars a year is spent on alcohol in America.

7. 1.7 trillion dollars a year is spent on health care in America, (the vast majority of that is
related to treating people who are abusing themselves with sex, drugs, cigarettes and

8. 50 billion dollars a year is spent on fighting std's in America.

9. 13 billion dollars a year is lost by shoplifting in America.

10. 15 billion dollars a year is spent on pornography in America.

11. 412 billion dollars a year is spent on the interest on our national debt in America, (this is the
third largest budget in our federal spending!)

If Americans repented of their sins and used their money wisely we would not have a financial crisis.

America needs to repent and turn from its national and personal sins. May God convict America of her sin. May God bless America once again, and may God use each of us to call others to holy living in the days in which we live.


Eric Stewart said...

HI Pastor,
Thank you for your powerful and sirring messages this morning. I am glad you recommended this blog to us. The research you have laid out is incredible and devastating! We, as a nation, do need to repent. We are thankful we have a pastor like you that is bold enough .... and loving enough... to stand for and to teach what is right. The church cannot be silent!! Pastor Eric and Lori

tim hibner said...

Thanks for your letter. The truth is powerful. Thank You also for your powerful message this morning. The conviction with which you send the Gospel messsage of Grace is a true blesssing and sweet to the ears.May God please you and your family.
Tim Hibner

Unknown said...

Hi Pastor,
I like your "Living for Jesus" book. There are so many great ideas on living, things to do, things we should be doing, ways to read the bible, and things to think about, all concerning Jesus Christ. You book is a slow, but hard to put down, read because there are so many things to do and you ask so many questions. You even have questions to test our knowledge of what we have read.
Dave in Florida

Laura Dell said...

I was just glancing through your blog and commend you for your solid Bible teachings and commentary in the faith; however, there is no way that the image of the notable engraving you post is a "photo of Jonah". I know what you meant, but the devil is in the details, so you should possibly correct this label. Thanks for your service in Christ's name.
Blessings, until He comes ~ Laura