Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Timothy Library

If you were stranded on an Island or had to seclude yourself somewhere for an extensive period of time what books would you take with you? Here is a suggestion of some of the great books that have been a blessing to me over the years. There are several suggestions from my dear friend Dewi Higham. How many of these great books have you read? It would be a wise person who would note these books, purchase them, and then read them. 

The Bible calls us to grow in grace. These books and others like them will be a great help to that end.
  1. The Bible
  2. A hymn book
  3. Matthew Poole's Commentary (2 vol.)
  4. Pilgrim's Progress
  5. Calvin's Institutes (2 vol.)
  6. Romans Chapter 5 by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  7. Precious Things Of God by Octavious Winslow
  8. Spurgeon's New Park Street Pulpit Sermons, (4 vol.)
  9. The Presence of God by Matthew Henry
  10. The Biography of Elijah by A. W. Pink
  11. The Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson
  12. The Great Preachers of Wales
The man who will not read is not much better than the man who cannot read. Read and grow in grace!

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