Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Robert Murray M'Cheyne of Dundee, Scotland

The life of Robert Murray M'Cheyne of Scotland is one of the most precious stories of a godly pastor who lived for the glory of God and who pursued holiness and likeness to Christ with a passion. Here are a number of his quotes that will give you a good sense of the heart of this man of God. You can get a free e-book on his life if you go to Amazon. The biography of M'Cheyne by Anrew Bonar is a superb read. 

In the more recent history of the Christian church there has not been a man so noted for personal holiness quite like the saintly Scottish pastor Robert Murray McCheyne of Dundee, Scotland. When he died the secular papers said of this man that “Jesus has walked among us.” 

I want to share with you tonight some thoughts on this special man of God that I trust will be a blessing to all of you.

Quotes by M'Cheyne

"Pray for me, that I may be made holier and wiser--less like myself, and more like my heavenly Master; that I may not regard my life, if so be I may finish my course with joy. This day eleven years ago, I lost my loved and loving brother, and began to seek a Brother who cannot die."

"Read part of the life of Jonathan Edwards. How feeble does my spark of Christianity appear beside such a sun! But even his was a borrowed light, and the same source is still open to enlighten me."

"If nothing else will do to sever me from my sins, Lord, send me such sore and trying calamities as shall awake me from earthly slumbers. It must always be best to be alive to thee, whatever be the quickening instrument."

"Life itself is vanishing fast. Make haste for eternity."

"Do everything in earnest--if it is worth doing, then do it with all your might. Above all, keep much in the presence of God. Never see the face of man till you have seen his face who is our Life, our All."

"Take heed to thyself. Your own soul is your first and greatest care."

"Keep up close communion with God. Study likeness to him in all things..."

"I know well that when Christ is nearest, Satan also is busiest."

"I feel there are two things it is impossible to desire with sufficient ardour--personal holiness, and the honour of Christ in the salvation of souls."

"It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus. A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God."

"Live near to God, and so all things will appear to you little in comparison with eternal realities."

"Even those that are most deeply concerned about their souls do not see the millionth part of the blackness of their hearts and lives."

"Every wave of trouble has been wafting you to the sunny shores of a sinless eternity."

" not think any sin trivial; remember it will have everlasting consequences."

"Go on, dear brother; but an inch of time remains, and then eternal ages roll on for ever--but an inch on which we can stand and preach the way of salvation to a perishing world."

"One smile from Jesus sustains my soul amid all the storms and frowns of this passing world. Pray to know Jesus better."

"Do not fear the face of man. Remember how small their anger will appear in eternity."

~Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843),

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