Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Lies We Are Being Told 

Here are the lies we are being told by this politically correct and anti-Christian culture. It is shocking  to realize how many Christians have bought into this anti-Christian propaganda. The Christian worldview today is under siege as never before.  There are few defenders on the walls of the kingdom opposing the advance of humanism, secularism, and the host of false religions that are marching their armies against us.

The Bible tells us that Satan is the father of lies. Here are the lies that the world is using to reshape the culture and to replace the Christian faith. What is desperately needed today is for a prophetic voice to be heard once again in the land. O that the Lord would send forth a mighty leader of the caliber of John The Baptist or Elijah to call the people of God to repentance and faithfulness in the battle for our survival.

The Clever Lies Of Multi-Culturalism

  1. The wealthy must pay their fare share of taxes.
  2. Socialism is good.
  3. Capitalism is evil.
  4. White Christian males have terrorized the third world.
  5. Having a big family causes overpopulation and creates a food shortage in the world.
  6. Islam is a religion of peace.
  7. Christianity is just as guilty of terrorism as Islam.
  8. The crusades were an unjust attack of Christendom against innocent Islamic countries.
  9. There was no Armenian and Greek genocide committed by Muslims.
  10. Migration is a right.
  11. Having open borders is a good idea.
  12. Nationalism is a bad thing.
  13. Global warming is a major threat to the world.
  14. Over population is a threat to the world.
  15. Criticism of Islam is islamaphobic and racist.
  16. The government is responsible to take care of us.
  17. Deportation is a crime.
  18. Christianity is the problem with the world.
  19. All religions are the same and have equal value.
  20. Sharia law can co-exist with European, American or Western law.
  21. Multi-culturalism is good for society.
  22. The Christian worldview of Europe and America is the perpetuating of white racism and fascism.
  23. The Christian faith has nothing to say about law, culture, and society.
  24. European colonialism is the cause of the unrest in the third world.
  25. Europe must welcome massive migration and not resist Muslims to remove its guilt for the crimes of past wars, colonialism and Christian arrogance. 
  26. All cultures have value and who are we to judge another culture?
  27. We must not offend our Muslim neighbors with our cultural traditions, Christian symbols, or religious holidays.
  28. The United States is not a Christian nation.
  29. Revival is the only way to change nations or bring in lasting change.
  30. Christian love demands that we welcome anyone who wishes to come to our country regardless of their motives and intentions.
  31. Jesus is coming soon.
  32. There is no Jesus.
  33. The Bible has errors.
  34. Those who resist the dismantling of Western Civilization are racists and bigots.
  35. Our forefathers were racists and bigots.
  36. The gospel is not the only way to heaven.
  37. Islam had nothing to do with slavery or the slave trade.
  38. Islam can coexist with all other cultures and religions peacefully.
  39. Abortion is not murder.
  40. The fetus in the womb is not a life but just a blob.
  41. American exceptionalism is arrogant and racist.
  42. All reputable scientists are evolutionists.
  43. All truth is relative.
  44. There is no truth.
  45. All words must be deconstructed.
  46. Islam poses no threat to society.
  47. Radical Muslims have hijacked a peaceful religion.
  48. Freedom of speech must not include criticizing Islam or the prophet Mohammad.
  49. Europeans who came to the new world were guilty of genocide against native Americans.
  50. Christopher Columbus was a genocidal maniac.
  51. There is no universal standard for objective truth.
  52. Same-sex marriage is not a perversion.
  53. Those who oppose same-sex marriage are religious bigots.
  54. Free speech only applies to the political left.
  55. Native americans were living in a peaceful paradise when the Europeans arrived.
  56. Multi-culturalism= all cultures are equally valid and have much to add to society--except Christianity.
  57. The founding fathers were all slave holding racists and bigots.
  58. You are an uneducated moron if you do not believe in evolution.
  59. Privileged white males are whats wrong with America.
  60. The country would be safer if we removed all guns from society.

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