Friday, February 19, 2016

BDA Table Tennis Club

Berean Table Tennis Club

The picture on the top is one of me many years ago playing ping pong outside at a friends home. The pictures on the bottom are pictures of our Table tennis club at Berean. It is a real joy for me to work with our young men and to have the opportunity to teach them the basics of table tennis. 

I have a book I have put together for our club members with some basic info on Table Tennis. This is my special gift to each of our young men who attend the club. The book is being printed right now and will be here in a week or so.

 We have been blessed to have several very accomplished players join us give lessons and demonstrations to our young men. Scott Endicott, a Michigan state champion on numerous occasions came out to give a demonstration and hit with some of the guys. Mike Casey, another very good player has come out on several occasions to help with our club and Jim Dawson who heads the Flint Table Tennis Club is giving our boys lessons. This opportunity has given me a wonderful time with the young men to have input in their lives and to encourage them to walk with God and to live for Christ. 

The Word of God tells us that what ever we do we should do it for the glory of God. That even includes our recreation and hobbies.

Pray for the young men at BDA TT Club and pray for me to be able to continue to exhort these young people to be all they can be for Christ.

Don't forget that we are having our Men's retreat next weekend. These retreats have been amazing times of fellowship and challenge from the Lord. Pray for our guests from Brasil that the Lord will use them in a mighty way for His glory.

In Christ, 

Pastor Dickie

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