Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why Jesus Came

I want to wish our Berean Family a Merry Christmas. The text in Mark 10:32-45 gives us the reason why Jesus came from Heaven to earth.  Jesus is very precise about His reason for coming down from glory. This text is rich in many other lessons as well. I trust it will be a great blessing to all of you. I am using this text for my message tomorrow morning.

If you travel this weekend or during the week please go in the safety of the Lord. Make sure you keep your eyes on the Lord during this Christmas time. This is the great tragedy of so many that Christ is left out of the season. It is a joy to keep our eyes on the Lord and to find our deepest joys in serving Him. 

If you have not read Trusting The Blood Of Jesus  by William Reid you have missed a tremendous blessing. I am currently reading this once again but this time with my family each night during the holiday season. We have many copies at the church book room. Anyone reading this can email me and I would be pleased to send you a copy for your edification and blessing. Here is a quote from one of the chapters:

You must beware of resting your hope of salvation on your feelings, convictions, tears, repentance, prayers, duties, or resolutions. You must begin with receiving Christ and resting completely in His finished work. And you must not think that before you can receive Christ you need to have some sort of deep experience that makes you ready to put your faith in Him.” From Chapter 3 

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. God bless and once again, Merry Christmas!

Yours in Christ, 

Pastor Dickie

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