Friday, February 14, 2014

Thoughts on Atheism and the Ken Ham Debate

There are many serious problems with the worldview of the atheist. For example, there are a  number of questions that an atheist cannot answer.  Let me list a few of these questions:

1. How does an atheist explain the existence of immaterial thoughts, logic, and the process of cognitive reasoning? When an atheist argues against God, he must borrow from the Christian worldview and use non-material thoughts and logic to prove that there is nothing non-material in the universe. The atheist is caught in a major contradiction.

2.  Where did the material come from that was used in the big bang?

3. What caused the big bang?

4. How does beauty, order, symmetry, precision, design, and intricate complexity come into being from a chaotic blast of confusion and an explosion of randomness? Pieces of an exploding grenade do not revolve in mathematical alignments or orbits-- they scatter in random directions.

5. How does the atheist explain the origin of the universe? Does he not exercise as  much faith as the theist?

6. On what basis can an atheist say that any behavior is morally right or wrong? If there are no moral absolutes, what then gives him or anyone the authority to make laws or pass judgements?

7.  If there is no God, can anything be morally right or wrong?

8. If there is no God, how can an atheist find true meaning and purpose for life?

9. How does the atheist explain the devastating impact his worldview has had on history?  

10.  How do you explain the presence of evil in the world?

11. What do you do to remove guilt?

12. Where did the information come from that is programmed in the DNA cell? There is more information in our DNA than in a vast library.

13. Can intelligence come from non-intelligence?

14. How do you explain the first two laws of thermodynamics?

15. Are all things really relative? If I borrowed $100,000 from you and then only paid back $100 and said to you, "It's all relative-- $100  to me is like a $100,000." Would you agree with me on that statement?

A book you must read is God Does Exist by Michael A. Robinson. We have Sye Ten Bruggencate coming to our men's retreat. I trust you will make every attempt to come.

God bless you.

In Christ, 

Pastor Dickie

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