Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Cry From Constantinople

The Cry From Constantinople

This book is a tribute to all those who fought and died for the defense of Constantinople, and to all the women and children who suffered the most horrendous cruelties at the hands of the Sultan's army.  Your sorrows and tragedy at Constantinople will not be forgotten.

On May 29, 1453 the great city of Constantinople fell at the hands of the Muslim army.  On that day their defense faltered and broke, and when the waves of Muslim warriors poured into the city they pillaged and ravished the churches and women.  This atrocity has changed the history of Europe forever.

The author of this book is a fictional character being potrayed that he was living in Constantinople when it fell.  He is writing this book as a warning to modern day Europe not to neglect the cry which still echoes from Constantinople.

This is a book every Christian should read. The Christian church is being persecuted all over the world by radical and militant Muslims. This book will wake you up to the great dangers facing the West.

This can be purchased on your kindle, nook, and iPhone.

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