Saturday, October 6, 2012

Developing A Consistent Christian Worldview

The importance of Christians having a well-thought-out worldview is stated clearly by Chuck Colsen and Nancy Pearcey in their book How Now Shall We Live.

A debilitating weakness in modern evangelicalism is that we’ve been fighting cultural skirmishes on all sides without knowing what the war is about.  We have not identified the worldviews that lie at the root of cultural conflict—and this ignorance dooms our best efforts.  The culture war is not just about abortion, homosexual rights, or decline of public education.  These are only skirmishes.  The real war is a cosmic struggle between worldviews—between the Christian worldview and the various secular and spiritual worldviews arrayed against it.  This is what we must understand if we are going to be effective in evangelizing our world today and in transforming it to reflect the wisdom of the Creator.”

A worldview is very important. A worldview is like having a map to show us how to live in the spiritual journey of life.  Without such a map, people tend to wander and stumble along without any real purpose and sense of destiny.  British author, Os Guinness, raises some questions that show us why having a worldview in life is important.

How do we unriddle the mystery of life and make the most of it?  What does it mean to find ourselves guests on a tiny, spinning blue ball in a vast universe?  Is our sense of individual uniqueness backed by a guarantee, or are we only dust in the wind?  What explains our grotesque human capacity for slaughtering our fellow human beings by day and listening to classical music in the evening?  Is there an emergency number to call when we have vandalized our planet home like a drunken rock star on a hotel rampage?  Why is birth the automatic qualification for death?  How should we live, knowing that we each owe death one life, and nothing we can ever do will ransom us?  What recourse do we have if we conclude that the world should have been otherwise?”

I am convinced that if we are going to make a true difference in our country and in our culture then this issue of developing a consistent Christian worldview is absolutely essential. Please read my book Living For Jesus. The first few chapters address this issue and give guidelines on how we can make a differeence. 

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