Thursday, August 16, 2012

Second Interview With Renaldo

Here is the second interview with Renaldo Lidorio. He is the young man who has been such a blessing and had such an influence on the people of Brasil and Africa. May the Lord encourage us all to be faithful in our witness to Christ.

While I have been down in Knoxville, Tennessee dropping Jeremy off for school I have had wonderful opportunities to share Christ with those that the Lord has providentially brought into my life. It is my prayer that all of us at Berean will take every opportunity to share the message of the gospel of Christ. There is no greater joy than to have such opportunities to witness for Christ. We lose many blessings and precious times of God's presence if we neglect these divine moments that He sends our way to tell others about Christ.

Today, if you will pray for opportunities to talk to someone about Christ, be alert for He will give you an opportunity to tell someone the great gospel story.

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