Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Living For Jesus

My new book Living For Jesus is now in print. I will be making it available to the members at Berean in the next couple of weeks. It will also be available at the major next month. It is my prayer that this book will be a spiritual blessing to all who read it.
My intention in writing this was to leave for my family, children and grandchildren a spiritual legacy that would impact their lives. I thought to myself that if I was gone what would I want my loved ones to know about my faith? With that in mind I wrote this book so that the things that matter most to me on a spiritual level would not be forgotten or lost. I trust that this book, which is intended to help ones develop a Christian worldview so they can live for Jesus, will be a great blessing to all who read it. Here are the chapter headings so you can review what the contents will be.
Part I: The Purpose of Christian Living

1. Following the Instructions — “The Creation Mandate”
2. Being a People of Destiny
3. Living for the Glory of God
4. Fearing the Lord
5. Loving the Word of God
6. Walking with God

Part II: The Practical Aspects of Christian Living

7. Using Our Time Wisely
8. Developing a Biblical View of Wealth
9. Nurturing a Biblical Self-image
10. Being a True Friend
11. Understanding the Biblical Purpose of Sex and Marriage
12. Becoming a Servant
13. Striving for Success
14. Building Character in the Christian Life
15. Making a Good First Impression
16. Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ

Part III: The Peace of Christian Living

17. Discovering the Peace of Romans 8:28
18. Living in the Spirit of Praise
19. Preparing for Death

Scripture References
God bless you all...and may you all live for Jesus!

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