Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visit to 'The Holocaust Memorial' in Detroit

This week I went with a group from our church to the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Detroit. It was a very moving experience. We took a tour of the facility and had a wonderful guide who gave us a passionate and informative overview of the Holocaust that happened in Europe during WWII. I could not help but wonder how it is that people could be so cruel and inhumane to other people. We are shocked by the atrocities that Nazism perpetrated on the Jewish population of Europe.

Yet today there are atrocities and genocide being committed every day. Humanity is surely sick. It is my conviction that the precious gospel of Jesus Christ is the only true antidote to the moral ills of our world. When people are changed by the good news of Jesus Christ they are transformed from being selfish, arrogant, mean spirited, and potentially dangerous people to those who are lovers and worshippers of God.

What makes this change happen? It is the gospel of Christ. By the preaching of the gospel men are transformed and made holy. Our lives are turned around and we are given the desire to treat all men with kindness and dignity. This is the miracle of the New Birth. Jesus said, "Ye must be born again." I am greatly saddened by all of the terrible suffering that the Jewish people endured during the Holocaust. And I am saddened by all of the tragic suffering that so many people are facing today. The answer to all of this, however, is to proclaim the unsearchable riches of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ makes the difference in our lives. And Christ is the need for our country and for our world.

When I became a Christian the Lord taught me to love my enemies, treat all men with love and respect, to die to self, and to be like Christ in my dealings with my fellow man. The Gospel of Christ teaches us to walk with God, to be unselfish, to be generous, to be thoughtful, to be compassionate, to be approachable, and to be holy. This is the goal of Christian living. I pray for all of you to know the Lord and to be conformed into His image as you live your life in this fallen world.

God bless you all.

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Dean Clouse said...

Hey there Bob. I know this response doesn't really fit in with the topic, but I have no better place to put it. The strangest thing happened to my wife and I last night, and I thought that maybe you could help. We were up late last night doing some business and we didn't get to bed until midnight. I found out that some Olympic trials were on NBC so I turned it on. Just my luck, it was Track and Field, my favorite summer Olympic events! I watched some guys run the 5K with one guy passing out after running as hard as he could in order to qualify. It was quite remarkable to watch. Right after that they were starting the women's 10K run and, shocking to me, YOUR DAUGHTER SHARON WAS IN THE PACK!!! I know she didn't come in the top three, but I never saw what place she came in. We watched her run hard, but then we lost her. How did she do? Let her know the Clouse Clan is proud of her for her hard work, especially after all the challenges earlier in the year! What a trooper! God bless you my friend for raising such wonderful children. I hope I can duplicate! I'll see you Sunday.
Dean Clouse and family