Friday, August 28, 2020

It’s Time For A New Narrative

  The Political Left in this country has been operating on a false narrative. Ever since the George Floyd incident, the Political Left has been telling the country that the Police are going around killing innocent black men. This narrative is entirely false. Every time the police shoot a black man, thousands of young Blacks rampage our city streets destroying property, burning down buildings, and looting stores. They shout slogans such as “No justice – no peace.” These young anarchists justify what they’re doing based on the false narrative that the police are killing innocent black men. Labron James, a professional basketball player said, “The police are hunting down black men every day in this country.”  This is not a true statement. Again, let me emphasize that this is a false narrative. If this were true, there would be a great need to address a corrupt police force in the United States. However, this is a total distortion of the real situation. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to reason with the general black population. Why is this? Because, the black community has been politicized, and prejudiced against the police by this false narrative. The majority of the black people in our country are racially polarized. They hold strong prejudicial attitudes against both white people and the police.

  Here is the real narrative: the vast majority of police officers in this country are doing a fine job policing our communities. In nearly every instance where the police shot a black man he was breaking the law and was resisting arrest. Those are the cold, brutal facts. Somebody needs to speak up and tell the black community to stop rioting, looting, burning down stores, and beating people. This violence is not a proper response to their concerns. It’s time that somebody tells the black community that they should take responsibility for their actions. The black community needs to tell their young men, quit breaking the law, quit resisting arrest, and if you do, the police will not shoot you. What every intelligent citizen should ask is this: “if a person is breaking the law, resisting arrest, and fighting the police, what in the world do they expect?” People with a criminal record, who are breaking the law and resisting arrest are responsible for their own behavior. 

It’s time to have an honest and frank talk with the black community. It’s time to quit tearing down the country. It’s time to quit your whining.  It’s time to stop justifying violence because you can’t control your young men. Nearly every single young man shot by the police would be alive today if they were obeying the law and not resisting arrest. It can’t be any clearer than that. Obey the law. Stop resisting arrest. Quit making excuses for those who are criminals and lawbreakers. Start teaching in your churches the 10 Commandments. Start teaching character, integrity, and responsibility. These things must begin in the church and the home. The black community is becoming so detached from reality, filled with so much prejudice and bitterness against their white neighbors, its becoming nearly impossible for racial harmony to exist. Black pastors should teach their young people that stealing, destroying  other people's property and burning down stores is not condoned in the Word of God. 

  If the country does not have this kind of talk together as black-and-white citizens, this country's future is in great danger. The Bible wisely asks the question, “Can to walk together unless they are agreed?” Of course, the answer is no. We will either all stand together, or we will all fall together. There is a very large amount of black crime that happens every day in America. That is a fact. When you have large numbers of black men committing an exorbitant amount of crime every day you are going to have confrontations with the police. These confrontations with the police will lead to shootings. It’s inevitable. As long as Black men are committing crimes and resisting arrest this problem will not go away. Add to this that Civil Rights workers are making a living and a career fanning the flames of racial hatred. Unless we have a honest and straight talk soon this will not get any better. The day of reckoning is at hand. Unless something is done to reverse the bitter spirit and the attitude of victimization held by the black community, this country will sink into a terrible civil war of racial hatred.