Monday, August 13, 2018

The Clash Of Civilizations

Dear Bereans, the following material is from my book, "The Clash Of Civilizations." This book is defending the Christian roots and heritage of our nation and founding fathers.

What is Feeding the Anti-American Hatred of Our History?

What fuels this anti-western, anti-American bashing and self-loathing hatred of our history? Behind it all is the hatred of Christianity. To admit that our forefathers carved out of this vast wilderness of the New World the greatest nation in the history of mankind does not fit the narrative of this generation. They simply cannot admit the superiority and effectiveness of the Christian worldview. So they attack it at every opportunity that they can. But the criticisms of this generation of revisionist historians does not reflect reality. Using guilt manipulation, self-loathing, white masochism, anti-western and anti-Christian bias, these people are slowly dismantling the greatest nation on earth. The question should be asked, “What will their new world be like? What are these revisionist historians making?” The answer is already here to be seen by those who have the wisdom to read the signs of the times. Let’s consider what this politically correct generation has destroyed and what they are replacing it with.

  • They have removed God, prayer, and the moral absolutes of the Bible out of our educational system and have created a generation of  immoral, godless, selfish, hedonistic and violent young people.
  • They have rejected any opinion that does not agree with their presuppositions and have virtually eliminated freedom of speech from our higher institutions of learning.
  • They have rejected the Christian worldview and have embraced a secular, atheistic worldview and wonder why we are a nation and a culture of death. The culture gutted of the Christian religion has spawned an epidemic of abortion-on-demand, euthanasia, gang violence, drug abuse, black-on-black crime, gun violence and racial division at an all time high.
  • They have rejected the Christian culture and have replaced it with multiculturalism. As the character, Bible-based ethics, and morality of the Christian culture fades further from our memories, we see a new form of paganism permeating the land.
  • They have rejected the Protestant work ethic of their forefathers, the principles of capitalism, and have embraced the failed philosophies of socialism and communism. The welfare state they created will eventually be the millstone around the neck of the nation and drown us in a sea of debt as there will be fewer and fewer people to tax to pay for their misguided programs.
  • They have rejected the creation mandate to have children, and therefore are forced to open their borders to any who will come to these shores. Unfortunately, many are coming not only with an anti-Christian worldview but with an anti-secular worldview, as well. These new immigrants help hasten the demise and influence of Christianity but will also eventually be the scourge to all religions and philosophies that will not bow to sharia law.
  • They have rejected the absolute authority of God’s Word and have replaced it with the new authority of pragmatism, humanism, majority opinion, political correctness, and multiculturalism.
What this generation has created is only an empty shell that resembles our past in name only. We are the United States of America. But we are not the great nation that once stood on the shoulders of giants and fed itself on the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. This generation has dismantled the American Dream, piece by piece, and have replaced it with the American nightmare. In reality, this generation has taken us back 400 years and has recreated a culture that resembles the primitive, savage, superstitious, and violent culture that our forefathers encountered when they first stepped on these shores.

Unless the Lord intervenes, it will only get worse. America of the past was great for specific reasons. All of those reasons have been rejected by most of our citizens today. We are only a shell of what we once were morally. The collective character of our Christian past is spent. What is left is a morally bankrupt nation slowly sinking back into pagan godlessness.

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