Sunday, June 4, 2017

Can Moderate Muslims Reform Islam?

I have just returned from a two week trip to England and Wales. Just before we left and just after we returned two incidents of Islamic terrorism took place in England. The first attack was in Manchester, England and the second attack took place on London Bridge in London, England.

There is not a day that passes that there are not suicide bombings, violent attacks against non-Muslims, and terrorist incidents all over the world. Data on international terrorism has recorded that between 1969 and 2009 alone, there were 38,345 terrorist incidents around the world, most of which were Islamic. Of these attacks, 7.8 percent (2,981) were directed against the United States. So far this month in Ramadan experts have recorded 46 terror attacks in the name of Islam with 510 killed. The number of terror attacks perpetrated by other religions—0.

One thing that is shared by nearly all of the attacks is that the ones who commit them claim they are doing these acts of violence in the name of Islam. Verses from the Quran are quoted and praise is given to Allah for allowing them the success in killing infidels.

We face an amazing irony. The terrorists almost universally claim that they are doing these reprehensible acts of terror in the name of Islam. And almost equally universal is the cry from the political leaders of the West that these terrible acts have nothing to do with Islam. Nothing could be more absurd than the two claims that are so contradictory. Another disappointing coincidence after the occurrence of these awful incidents is that they are almost universally followed by condescending lectures from the media, political elites and from the entertainment world that the real tragedy we face today is not from Islamic fanatics but from right wing racists, Islamophobes and those who dare criticize Islam.

In the light of these daily attacks by Muslims all over the world it is beyond bizarre that the fault for these attacks is attributed to the victims and those who protest these activities rather than those who do such terrible things.

When Muslim fanatics blow up buses, rape women, kill children, burn churches, deface Christian symbols, the blame is placed on the West for its racism, imperialism, Colonialism, and its anti-Muslim bigotry.

In the aftermath of these terrible incidents the discussion seems to always come up, “Can moderate Muslims reform Islam?” Those who are banking on a moderate form of Islam to bring pressure on the more radical elements of that faith will be surely disappointed.

For fourteen centuries this religion has waged a continual war against the rest of the world. As long as there are massive numbers of Muslims moving West there will not be peace or safety in our streets and cities. We have entered a new day in our lives. Because we have not understood the nature of this false religion, that mocks the Christian faith, that dishonors our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and is determined to eradicate if from the  face of the earth we will live in constant fear and terror. We are being told that, “this is the new norm—get used to it.”

What Israel has lived with for years has now come to our shores. The situation will get worse. Our lack of leadership to understand the threat and the will to fight it will only exasperate the problems we face. This causes us to consider the question, “Can moderate Muslims bring reform to Islam?” There is no evidence to suggest that this can be a possibility on any major scale. Those who think otherwise are delusional. Ultimately, this its a war of religious ideas. The West has rejected its Christian roots and heritage. As a consequence it does not have the necessary tools to intellectually and philosophically to challenge the false religious presuppositions of Islam.

For many people, it must sound strange to hear that the proper weapon to use in the fight against Islam is the preaching of the cross of Christ, the declaration of His resurrection, and the explanation of His virgin birth and vicarious atonement. Not until the truth claims of the Bible are laid side by side with the claims of the Quran will we see any major advances in destroying this false religion.  While our political leaders and philosophical thinkers pontificate about the value of religious pluralism and the idea that all religions are equally true and valid, Muslims themselves vociferously reject that as nonsense and heresy. Evidently, Muslims see things more clearly than do our political leaders. CNN even hired a Muslim newscaster  who has written a book attacking the deity of Jesus Christ and mocking the faith of all Christians. The shocking absurdity of this is only seen if we consider how unlikely a Christian writer, who has attacked and smeared the prophet Mohammad, might be hired in a Muslim country to be on television presenting the news. Unbelievable!  This is how muddled we are in our thinking.

This is a battle of religions ideas. Failure to recognize this not only exasperates the problem it virtually guarantees our defeat. The reason it will be impossible for moderate Muslims to reform Islam is because the three sources for Islamic doctrine, practice, and belief are filled with violence, calls for jihad, and examples of Islamic bigotry.  The three sources are the Quran, the Hadith, and the official Muslim biography of Muhammed. It is impossible to purify a river if the source is incurably polluted.

The world needs to honestly face the contents of these three sources of Islamic faith. Unless the true nature of these sources are exposed, and demonstrated to be morally bankrupt, we will continue to carry buckets of water to throw overboard while our Titanic is sinking.
Merely fighting terrorism by searching for cells of Muslim extremists who are plotting acts of violence, and trying to prevent them from committing such incidents will not solve our problems. Such tactics will not have any success in eliminating this massive problem. Unless the root is destroyed the tree will continue to produce rotten fruit. One former Muslim born in Iran and now living in the West had the courage to write:

“You cannot reform Islam and you cannot transform it. All you can and should do, is dump it. Please, let us stop this charade. Either be a Muslim and do as Muhammad said or leave Islam and don’t become a shield for the terrorists. Don’t muddy the waters. Don’t mix among the enemy and pose as a friend.

If our  political leaders entertain some wishful thinking that moderate Muslims will eventually reform their faith they will surely be disappointed. This problem is here to stay. And because we are clueless on how to deal with this problem the future is bleak  indeed.

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