Monday, July 4, 2016

Are Open Borders And Mass Islamic Immigration Good For Western Civilization?

I was asked recently by several people what I thought about the mass immigration crisis that is taking place in Europe. This same crisis is also taking place in the US. It has been suggested that migration is a human right. The argument for this idea is that those who are seeking asylum in Europe have a right to do so and the population of Europe has a moral obligation to receive them. This is fallacious reasoning.  This is reasoning that is contrary to the teachings of the Word of God. This is reasoning that is not only absurd, it is suicidal nonsense. That many professing Christians cannot see this is beyond shocking. That professing Christians cannot discern these things is evidence that many of those who profess faith in Christ follow the wisdom of man rather than the wisdom of God.

Those who are seeking entrance into Europe, for the most part, are not coming to assimilate. They are not coming to embrace the western values and cultural standards of their host countries. If the people coming to Europe posed no serious threat to the native population, a case could be made for taking in some of these refugees. But many of these people from the Middle East and Africa come with an agenda. They will change our culture,  harass our citizens, mock our values, impose sharia law, demand the dismantling of Christian traditions, vandalize Christian symbols, bring in potential terrorists, and use our freedoms to destroy our freedoms. My wife once sat on a plane next to an Arab educator who was coming to our town to lecture at a local university on Islam. He told my wife, without batting an eye, that he and other Muslims were using our freedoms to further their Islamic agenda in America. This man was not hiding anything. Similar ideas are being publicly made by many Islamic leaders.

Europe is committing cultural suicide by allowing open borders, mass migrations, and welcoming a strange and deadly religion into its heartland. Welcoming Muslims into Europe in massive numbers is like taking poison into a body. It will eventually bring death.  

       Someone who has studied at Harvard University relayed to me an interesting lecture they heard. The lecture discussed how the ruling elite in Europe are needing the massive waves of immigrants to support their dying economy because of a greying population and a  native population that is not replacing itself by child birth. Every year European nations need hundreds of thousands of new workers and potential tax payers to keep their economic systems functioning. The problem with this scenario is that these massive waves of migrants have, for the most part, no intention of assimilating. Germany, which is the wealthiest nation in Europe, is the only country in Europe that has the potential to financially pay for this massive welfare program. Other countries will soon be bankrupt and in the same condition as Greece and Italy. Because of this ongoing migration, European nations are now facing an exploding increase in crime, harassment of its citizens, rape, violence, and civil unrest. The native Europeans are under siege. There is a growing backlash from many people. But most experts believe that it is too late to make any significant change. There is a general opinion that the Europe of the Reformation and Christian worldview is finished. It is only a matter of time before Europe becomes Eurabia. How an entire continent lost its Christian faith and the values that made it great  and committed cultural suicide will go down as one of the greatest tragedies in all of human history.

Those who favor this massive wave of migration from Muslim countries must explain how this is a right. On what authority do they support such a suicidal policy? Those who support this must ask themselves, “Does Europe have a culture, a history, a legacy and a faith worth keeping?” If it does, then allowing millions of Muslim migrants into the heartland of Europe is committing cultural, political, and religious suicide. If there is something about the history, culture, and religion of Europe that is unworthy of perpetuating, then have at it—open borders, mass migration, and multiculturalism will bury Europe, and it will eventually cease to exist. 

Do those in Europe and America who favor this massive influx of refugees imagine that there will be some sort of utopia such as what Muslims have called “The Golden Age of Spain and Bagdad” in the ninth and tenth centuries? During this so-called golden age, the Jews, Christians and Muslims supposedly lived together in harmony and peace. Was this really the case or is it just more propaganda to hide the truth about Islam? Let’s examine the Islamic Golden Age in Spain and Baghdad. Islam invaded Baghdad and Spain with the sword in hand. These countries, like all other countries that were subjugated by Islam, did not invite this religion into its heartland, nor did they willingly convert to this false religion. Islam invaded them, and killed so many people that the remainder surrendered. Those who surrendered and did not convert to Islam were raped, robbed and made dhimmis, (Dhimmis are second class citizens who had to pay a tax for being non-Muslim) except for those who were made slaves and shipped to another part of the Islamic empire. Is this the kind of golden age that we would wish to embrace?

Europe is facing an unimaginable problem. Africa and the Middle East have exploding populations. Recent surveys show that over 80% of the populations of these nations want to migrate to Europe (a continent that has bought into the lie that having children is a bad thing because of so-called overpopulation—which is a myth). Unless European governments do something to halt this wave of migration, millions of these people will eventually come and settle in Europe. If most of these refugees came to assimilate and were no existential threat to the prevailing culture that would be one thing. But the overwhelming majority of those who come to Europe from Muslim countries have no intention of embracing the European way of life, let alone its Christian faith. In a recent poll in the United States a large number of Muslims were asked, “Do you think Sharia law should replace the laws of the land?” In every single instance they said yes! Should we be shocked? This is also true in Europe. Muslims are coming, and they have a goal of dismantling every rival law and religion and replacing it with Sharia law and Islam.

The Christian worldview compels us to be compassionate to those in need. But the Christian worldview does not compel us to commit suicide in the act of being kind. Those who really need our assistance are the millions of Christians in the Middle East who are systematically being killed, tortured, raped and driven out of their homes by Isis and other Islamic groups. These Christians include the Chaldeans, the Coptic Egyptians, the many Christians in Lebanon and Palestine, and in other parts of the Middle East. Besides these Christians, if other refugees are allowed to enter Europe, there must be a way of vetting those who have a sincere reason to come and not just allowing those to come who wish to reap the benefits of a socialistic society and who see themselves as soldiers of Allah to wage jihad on Western civilization.

  So there is a need for Christian compassion, but taking in the massive numbers who want to come to Europe to receive the benefits of a social welfare state will overwhelm the continent and destroy it. Immigration should be controlled, and it should not be viewed as a way to dismantle centuries of Western civilization for the sake of pseudo-Christian sympathy and compassion. But then again, if living in Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East is high on one’s priority list, then by all means open your borders. If living under Sharia law, losing one’s Christian heritage, forgetting the God of your father’s and destroying the legacy of the great revivals and the Reformation is ok with Europeans, then welcome as many migrants as you can. Europe is rapidly becoming a second Middle East. Western civilization is being replaced by the repressive and repulsive ideas of a false religion. 

There has never been a time in modern history where such massive waves of migration have the potential to wipe out an entire civilization and with it the Christian worldview. I see this not just as a socio-political concern but as a existential threat to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Forget about the great revivals of our past. Forget about the Christian heroes and the great preachers that the West produced. Forget about the Reformation. Don’t you know that all of this is going to be erased and forgotten? Don’t you know that if the status quo is maintained much longer, all that you have held dear is going to be obliterated by the influx of a people who come with an alien worldview and a religion that is the most oppressive and anti-Christian that the world has ever known? Some day, not far from now, our children and our children’s children will ask, “Whatever happened to that wonderful place we once called Christian Europe?” “How did that worldview disappear?” Dr. Bill Warner from the Center For The Study Of Political Islam said, 

“Islam has expanded since its first inception. We have decided to not oppose its growth, since that would be bigoted. In our present mind-set, there is nothing to stop Islam from prevailing. Europe is rapidly being overtaken by Muslim immigration and high birth rates. The problem is that Europe’s elites and governments are fully accommodated to the end of European civilization and the beginning of Eurabia. European media, intellectuals and government officials only want to help the process of the death of Europe by assisting Islam and yielding to all of Political Islam’s demands, including ever more welfare and immigration.” 

The Apostle Paul said, “For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound who will prepare himself for battle.” I Corinthians 14:8. I believe that many Christians have been fighting battles that are trivial and inconsequential compared to the real war that is raging all around them. Many Christian pastors and leaders are remaining silent as their Christian heritage and worldview is being systematically dismantled and replaced.

Preach the gospel fearlessly—we must. Be faithful to our high calling—indeed! But this does not mean that we neglect the fight in the arena of culture, ideas, multiculturalism, and whose law will guide and influence society. Study the Reformers, the leaders of the ancient church in Anatolia, and even the Roman Catholics and you will find that they left us with a great amount of material on their concerns with Islam. Calvin and the Reformers knew the tremendous dangers of this false religion. They preached against it, they warned their people about it, and they were aware of the deadly threat to their gospel that it posed. Over the years as I have read Luther, Calvin, Matthew Henry, Matthew Poole and other commentaries, I have repeatedly come across  statements and references to what these men termed “Mohammedism.” How is it that preachers today, for the most part, have let this false religion come in among them and have done so little to educate the population of its true nature and history? We have allowed the narrative to be totally controlled by those who have a vicious desire to destroy the Christian worldview. These ruling elites have duped the masses of our citizens and the church has not risen to the occasion to clarify the facts and set forth the truth.  Again I cite material from the Center For The Study Of Political Islam:

“There is an enormous gap in our knowledge about Islam. Look at these simple facts. North Africa and Egypt used to be Christian. North Africa was European. Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and the rest of the Middle East were Christian. Turkey used to be Greek Anatolia. Afghanistan and all of the rest of the Silk Route countries were Buddhist. Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be Buddhist and Hindu. Today all of those nations are Islamic. Did Islam “just happen” or was there a process that took centuries? How did Greek Christian Anatolia become Islamic Turkey? The history of Islamification is a non-history… There is no way to live with Islam. Life with Islam is a succession of demands. Mohammed never stopped until 100% of his demands were met. That was life with Mohammed…Islam is a civilization that is designed to extinguish all Kafir civilizations down to their last cultural vestige. Annihilation is Sunna. Mohammed did not stop until the Kafirs surrendered to his demands to change the smallest details of their lives into his way of doing. The last 1400 years of history is proof of the brutal efficiency of Islamic politics. There has never been a culture where Islam and Kafirs existed in long-term peace. After a long enough time period, Islam takes over the civilization. This is the goal of Islam…”

(A Kafir is a non-Muslim who is considered an infidel and by Quranic teaching is to be either converted, made a dhimmi or killed.)

If this battle is not fought, there will be no opportunity to preach the gospel at all. Many Christians are guilty of straining at gnats and swallowing camels. While we slept, an enemy came in among us. When we awoke, it was too late. My answer and response to this migration of people from the Middle East to Europe and America is that this is going to be the death of Western Civilization. If not curtailed, the end will come. Perhaps it’s already here.