Monday, May 16, 2016

Let’s Meet Our Muslim Neighbors

Muslim groups across the United States sponsor events where the public is invited to come to a mosque to meet their Muslim neighbors. How delightful! A dinner or refreshments are provided and a lovely tour of the mosque is included. Information is passed out about the religion of Islam and assurances are given that these are just your gentle, loving, and peaceful neighbors. You are assured that there is no reason to fear the faith of Mohammad. Those who would tell you otherwise are just fear mongers and Islamaphobes. With smiling platitudes the public is told that they have nothing to fear from the Mosque in their neighborhood.

Well, lets look at the facts as they really are. Just ask a few questions  of the Imam who is giving you the tour and the lecture on the “Religion of Peace.”  Ask him: 

“Do you believe that the Jewish and Christian Bible is an accurate word from God today that can be trusted and obeyed” Answer—No. 

“Do you believe that non-Muslims will go to paradise?” Answer—No. 

“Do you believe that all non-Muslims will go to hell?” Answer—Yes.

“Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?” Answer—NO.

“Do you believe in the holy trinity?” Answer—No.

“Do you believe that a Muslim can convert to Christianity without threat of death by apostasy laws of Islam?” Answer—No.

“Do you believe that in all Islamic countries that there should be freedom of religion to build Christian churches, evangelize, and to spread the Christian faith without any penalties or threats?” Answer—No.

“Do you believe that Christians should have the right to criticize the prophet Mohammad and have open discussions on whether or not they believe the Quran is a valid and trustworthy book from God?” Answer—No.

“Do you believe that it is the goal of Islam to bring all the world under the influence of Sharia law?” Answer—Yes.

“Do you believe that Sharia law should be allowed to replace the laws of the United States?” Answer—Yes.

“Do you believe that Israel has a right to exist?” Answer—No.

“Do you believe it is lawful for a man to have as many as four wives?” Answer—Yes.

“Do you believe that a man can beat his wife with the sanction of the Quran?” Answer—Yes. 

How Muslims answer these kinds of questions should be a revelation to us as to the nature of this religion. Unfortunately most Americans and people in the West do not know what questions to ask. Most people in the West have an appalling ignorance of all religions let alone Islam. Those who drop in to the local mosque to meet their Muslim neighbors are easily persuaded that this is nothing more than peaceful and benign religion.

Now just think for a minute with me about these invitations to a mosque. Why would a Muslim cleric have to have such a meeting in the first place? Do you ever hear of Christian pastors inviting Muslims into the church to assure them that there is nothing to fear from their Christian neighbors? Let’s consider some facts of history.

  1. Islam was birthed in a violent struggle and warfare.
  2. Everywhere Islam has gone bloodshed and war have followed.
  3. The advance of Islam in the world was largely based on jihad and subjugation.
  4. The Quran, the Islamic holy book, is filled with violent statements calling for the persecution, killing and subjugation of all non-Muslims.
  5. In every Muslim nation in the world, Christians and all non-Muslims are being systematically killed, tortured, persecuted, eliminated and discriminated against.
  6. As the numbers of Islamic immigrants grows in Western countries, the number of terrorist attacks also grows.
  7. Nearly all the terrorist attacks in the world today come from those who claim to be Muslim.

So yes, let’s go to local Muslim mosque and meet these wonderful neighbors. Sure, we have nothing to fear from them—or do we? Islam must not be judged by the smiling faces of a few people in a local mosque who give assurances of how peaceful this religion really is. Islam must be jugged by the broader spectrum of Islam in history and Islam world-wide. When looking at the broader picture, we can see the true nature of this religion from the desert. So forgive me if I am not excited about meeting my Muslim neighbors.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t be misled. Islam is a dangerous religion. While not every Muslim may be a radical terrorist every Muslim has that potential. The seeds of violent radicalism are deeply rooted in the Quran. 

When a person becomes a devout Christian, they begin to practice the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They begin to love one another. They begin to keep the ten commandments and become good neighbors. They treat their wives with kindness and respect. They live by the Sermon on the Mount—they turn the other cheek, they go the extra mile, they become peacemakers, they die to self and live by humility and service to others in the name of Jesus.

When a nominal Muslim becomes committed to his faith he will become dangerous. If Muslims takes the Quran at face value, they will follow in the steps of Osama Bin Ladin. Every single Islamic terrorist appeals to the Quran as justification for the terrible things that they do.

The next time you get a letter in the mail inviting you to go to a local mosque to meet your Muslim neighbors think twice about it!

How should we respond to our Muslim neighbors? 

This is one of the most relevant questions we can ask ourselves in this age of spiritual declension in the West. There are several things that Christians should do in regards to those who move into their community from Islamic Countries. I will suggest several things that must be done.

  1. We should recognize that Islam is a false religion and that it is a serious threat to the Christian faith. Islam must be viewed by Christians as we would view all cults and false religions. No compromises can be made with any religion that does not receive Jesus as Lord, believes the Bible to be the Word of God and that the only way to heaven is by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Because Islam is a false religion we must be well versed in the errors of this religion and be prepared to explain where it is contrary to the Word of God. Every Christian must be able to defend the Christian faith. This means we need to study to be able to give an answer to those who move into our communities with unbiblical beliefs. 
  3. The Christian community should respond to their Muslim neighbors with  Christian kindness and true Christian love that sees all men made in the image of God.
  4. The Christian community should reach out to their Muslim neighbors with acts of charity and good works. All people have needs, including Muslims. We must be alert to those hurts, needs, and concerns that we can address as Christians thereby making a difference by the love of Christ that dwells within us.
  5. Every Christian should enter into dialogue very carefully with their Muslim neighbors making sure that they do not give the impression that they concur that Islam is a legitimate and worthy religion. All religions cannot be true. Muslims must be made aware of the biblical reasons why Christians reject their religion as a false cult invented by man.
  6. Christians must never give the impression that they will surrender any of their rights, beliefs, and cultural practices for the sake of pacifying their Muslim neighbors. This means that we should not hesitate to celebrate our Christian holidays, sing our Christmas songs, display our Christian symbols, or remove anything that might be offensive to Muslims. Muslims have chosen to come to our country. We must not surrender our culture in fear of offending Muslims. Name one Muslim country that surrenders any of their cultural beliefs in fear of offending Christians? There is not one country that could be named.
  7. Christians should pray that the Lord will draw many Muslims to the faith and that there would be a great turning of Muslim nations to Christ.

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